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Jae Black

Jae Black

The Designer New Zealand born and bred Jae Black Designer Dee, has always had a strong love and passion for Jewellery. As a young girl growing up in a small town, Dee never imagined she would one day have her very own collection. After leaving her hometown of Whangarei in 1997 with a desire to travel, Dee then settled in the city of Sydney. It was in Sydney Dee took on her first job with a small Jeweller in Top Ryde.

As time passed Dee moved her way up by working with some of the most elite Jewellers in Sydney, NSW. Dee's progression through the industry then moved her into the wholesale sector where the real romance began… she fell in love with the boss’s son. Seven years on they are now married with two beautiful children - who are the inspirations for the Jae Black Designs collection.

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