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Custom Made Jewellery

We specialise in custom design and handmade jewellery, in 9ct, 18ct yellow, rose or white gold, platinum, palladium, & sterling silver. We manufacture jewellery according to customer’s individual requirements, to ensure our customers walk away with personalised jewellery, of high standard and quality. Plus your Macchia Jewellery piece will be provided with a premium back to back service for its lifetime by our jewellers. This means free cleaning, claw and stone checks, guarantee on manufacturing and material faults, and discounted service fees for general wear and attention like rhodium plating.


Questions we often get asked: “how can I get a new diamond ring cheap?” “I recently had a relationship end and I don’t know what to do with the jewellery from it. Can you give me any ideas?”, “what can I do with these inherited pieces grandma gave me, which I will never wear?”  Our jewellers can use your old, unwanted jewellery you no longer wear, and re-create a stunning new design you will be proud to hand down as an heirloom for generations. That ring you now don’t like anymore, or has become impractical, or that jewellery you have inherited that is not your style, can be changed to beautiful jewellery of your choice that you will love showing off. If you have a number of pieces of jewellery you wish to combine into one piece that can be done too. A wonderful example is when customers bring in all their odd bits of gold jewellery to have a solid gold bangle made; you then have a solid gold bangle a fraction of the price it would to buy one retail. You may only have to pay the labour costs or for some extra stones or metals if required, or possible nothing at all depending on how much gold you have. So yes! you can get a brand new designer piece of jewellery ‘cheap’, yes!  We have lots of ideas how to change your unwanted jewellery, and yes! It will be something you will want to wear because it will be your style, your design and your choice.

Jewellery Restoration

Your worn, old jewellery can come alive again and look like brand new, with the skills and precision of our jewellers. Dino Macchia’s flair for attention to detail on antique jewellery is impeccable. Worn side settings, claws, engraving, thinned bands, can all be brought back to their original condition.

General Jewellery Repairs

We service customers with all types of jewellery repairs. The jewellers are busy every day fixing jewellery. Re-tipping claws, fixing broken claws and settings, re-shanking worn ring bands, building up worn areas on links and other areas of jewellery, are just some of the many repairs we can help you with. We also offer services such as rhodium plating, new catches and links, new posts and butterflies, earring conversion.

Valuation & Insurance Claims

It can be heart breaking when you lose a special piece of jewellery or have something stolen. We encourage all our customers to have their most precious items insured. With our insurance valuations we can make sure you have all the details covered on your insurance to ensure if that time ever comes, you are going to receive a claim back on the exact details of your jewellery. Each insurance valuation will provide a detailed description of the item, and other things such as stone size, stone quality and colour. If you have lost or stolen jewellery contact us to provide you further information on making a claim. We work closely with your insurance company to ensure you get as close as possible a replacement of what you claimed for.  Its also not uncommon for customers to have us provide an insurance valuation when they are sorting out estate jewellery items. At a small fee can provide you with information of the jewellery’s value.

Buying Old Jewellery & Gold

Any old jewellery, watches and gold not wanted anymore is of interest to us. We buy for the purpose of scrap metal so we are particularly interested in any gold or silver items. We hold a secondhand dealers licence and it is required by law that we take your personal identification when purchasing items from you. Feel free to bring in your unwanted jewellery and watches, even if you are unsure of their value, and we can determine their value to us as scrap metal, and offer you best cash price for the day.

The Perfect Engagement Ring

When you get popped that special question or are popping the question to your loved one, we want to make sure you get that dream ring. The perfect engagement ring should suit a girls individual style and personality, but also have bright white diamonds (or other stones) and well made, quality mount and setting. We promise to offer great value and quality in any selection of design and diamonds for engagement ring as we know this is a very significant purchase. We have assisted many men in making the engagement ring a surprise, with the outcome of his fiancée being over the moon of getting the perfect engagement ring that she loves.

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